Fuck what people say.
Just another teen with depression.
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I never understood why our heart chooses to love people, who treat us as if we are nothing, when we look at them like they’re everything.
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Actually really good career advice from a laughing homicidal madman.

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My father broke my heart long before any boy had the chance to.
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The good vibe
The worst mistake I ever made
was attempting to build a home
out of a human being.
You used my veins to hold your pants up,
to hold yourself up.
You removed my heart so you would have something to strive off of.
You left me with a shell
of bones and flesh.
You used my soul to light up your room,
hung from your ceiling like the sun.
You took my finger prints to paint your room so at least you knew you always had me.
You told me you couldn’t see clearly,
that things were dim,
I gave you my eyes in hope that your days would be brighter.
My hair was tangled in your mind
caught between thoughts and actions.
At night I would dream that our legs were tied together in the sheets.
That dream was cut loose when you took my mind so you could get your head on straight.
You told me the weight of the world was too heavy.
I gave you my back so that I knew you wouldn’t be spineless.
So that I knew I would be the backbone behind your decisions.
You once whispered in my ears,
“I want to trace every mark on your skin like the contellations.”
I told him to go ahead
because my body was the universe.
by B.I (
www.coffeeeyes-blankstares.tumblr.com )

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